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When you look at where there are a lot of CO2 losses within the municipal government, it is when making asphalt. How can we reduce this amount substantially?

With Ecofalt there is a sustainable alternative for traditional hot asphalt but it is produced completely cold. This results in a 100% reduction in gas consumption and CO2 emissions during production. Instead of petroleum-based bitumen, a special (biological) Ecofalt bitumen is used. A bitumen based on organic oils made from sunflower seeds, flaxes and linseed. If you combine Ecofalt and Biochar then you get a unique product, Charcofalt. This would be an asphalt mixture that in theory could even be CO2 positive! So, the more asphalt you apply, the more CO2 you store. In this project we will try to show that we can make Charcofalt with a positive CO2 footprint. The intention is to apply Charcofalt as a pavement, here on the site of the Ecofalt factory.

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Contact Person: Sander Lubberhuizen