Generators of Sustainable Development

Project Results

The first results of the GSD project can already be found in this section.
However, some of them are still password protected.

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R1: The GSD Inventory

This is an online catalogue of Sustainability Literary & Sustainable Development (SL&SD) projects. Projects are categorised based on the UN SDGs for easy access. Click on the image to search for your relevant projects.

R2: GSD Planning Pack

The GSD Planning Pack is a five-part resources aiming to support educators and trainers to create their SL&SD learning offers. It contains:

  • Context Analysis Report
  • Competence Framework
  • GSD Planning Pattern
  • Informal Learning Pattern
  • Assessment Tools

R3: GSD Continuing Professional Development Programme

As an outcome of the GSD CPD, our projects conducted 16 pilots using the GSD approach. Click on the image to access the summaries and learners stories about our pilots.

R4: GSD Support Hub

GSD Support Hub is a a comprehensive platform system designed to help individuals, communities, trainers and facilitators and educators to develop and create SL&SD projects in their own context. The support hub includes: