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A work environment is healthy when nothing is urgent. The learning offer is designed along the theme of “time”: the personal and subjective sensation of time, the weight of time passing, the quality of awareness in the present moment and its elusiveness. It is both a learning experience and an action of Social Responsibility.

  1. Challenge Tackled

To provide at the same time a learning offer and an action contributing to the companys Social Responsibility. 

To work along the issue of (the lack of) time, as identified by the company

  1. Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Companies, employers and employees, no profit organisations

  1. Solution

The encounter with a time different from the company time, the time of the teens, the time of an association that is organized with the objectives of inclusion and not productivity. The core of the learning experience was carried out together with a youth association active in a disadvantaged area of the city, around a need that the association had (a web radio). The participants experienced a time forcedly slowed down by the characteristics of the team: adolescents belonging to an ethnic minority, clashing with their own limits and trying together to find resources in the face of this. 

  1. Innovation

The experience is both a learning opportunity for participants and a concrete action of Social Responsibility for the company involved.

  1. Unique Selling Point

Highly tailored to the needs and interests of the company.

  1. Impact

Improved knowledge and fellowship among colleagues

Improved knowledge and value towards the SDGs

New stress management strategies and tools

Healthier work environment

Increased Social Responsibility

  1. Feasibility/Transferability

Highly transferable and adaptable according to the companys needs

Online self-learning material


Ms. Enrica Pautasso,

Potential 76%