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The SDG Advocate

Learners' Stories

SDG Advocates Training Programme is a mean to multiply and support a network of activists across Ireland who through their involvement in adult and community education are in a position to further disseminate knowledge and encourage activism.

The delivery of the first iteration of the programme was a significant milestone. Its success and the feedback received from participants showed its impact and encouraged DP to make this a core offer in its annual programme. In particular the projects which emerged from the course have shown the impact it can have not just one the individuals, but on their organisations and work contexts,

Every year there are many highlights – just seeing the lightbulb moments that can occur for the learners at different points of the delivery, for example. The projects and what the participants achieve through these is always inspiring. And a highlight is always the celebration at the closing public showcase event. There have been no significant difficulties.

The learning from the programme is always reflected upon and we continually strives to improve its practice and delivery for participants.