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Start for Equal Career

Learners' Stories

In the landscape of Lithuanian education and employment, gender stereotypes dictated career choices, leading to a significant wage gap. The project, “Start for Equal Career,” aimed to break these stereotypes and promote equality between men and women. Traditional fields were gendered, limiting choices and perpetuating inequalities. The project addressed recommendations from international bodies to eliminate stereotypes, promoting substantive gender equality.

Embarking on this journey, the decision to work in a European team was pivotal. The team’s diversity enriched perspectives, providing a holistic approach to the issue. Armed with a robust qualitative study identifying key factors influencing career choices, the team forged a collaborative spirit.

The project’s key milestones included developing a blended learning program for educators, training sessions for education staff, and creating a methodology for events. These milestones aimed to equip educators with the skills to guide students beyond gender stereotypes in career choices.

The most valuable experiences emerged from participant engagement and practical application of the curriculum. The success lay in the active involvement of students, inspired by real-life stories challenging gender norms. However, challenges were also present, demanding creative solutions.

The project’s impact was evident in altered attitudes and newfound knowledge among participants. The competence development of career consultants was positively evaluated, signaling a shift in approach to career planning in Lithuania. The project’s success resonated with participants committing to incorporating their newfound knowledge into daily counseling activities.