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SMART Travel Security

Learners' Stories

I have been delivering Travel Security training for several years and, within Smart Revolution, I have created the Smart Revolution Security branch aiming at channelling all my experiences in the security field into a complete and innovative training project. 

Since our HEAT and IN-HEAT courses were already established and well-known, I took up the challenge of enclosing them into our ESG Smart Academy, to enlarge my perspective and allow companies and organisation improving their social responsibility.

It was an interesting path for me since the topic could be framed in a new perspective and become relevant for an even larger number of potential participants. Indeed, I usually work with either individual participants, public entities or large no-profit organisations. With this pilot I was able to explore the context of small and medium enterprises and organisations.

The feedback received from participants was very positive, both for the new skills acquired and for the way the learning offer was delivered.

I was certainly inspired by the good practices already collected by the GSD European team and I am honoured to be part of such piloting experience!