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Let's organize

Learners' Stories

The story of the game “Let’s organize”, an invetnted city of Tanoburt, came at a time when we as a society were in a longer crisis caused by a lack of opportunities and fear of the covid-19 pandemic. The idea arose from making formal education playful and attractive also for young people and in the end for anyone who likes to have fun in the company of others.

The game itself is based on a formal educational cycle on the topic of active citizenship, where we learn how to be an active citizen, take an interest in our surroundings, use the tools of democracy for our civil rights.

This game showed us that we can engage virtually anyone. So each of us can become a mayor, a rich investor, a good or an insidious citizen for a while with the help of this game.

The main goal of the game was to learn something while having fun, learn the tools of active citizenship and understand responsibility for our surroundings.

During testing, we found out that the game is de facto endless. It can be played with a small number of participants, but also with a larger number of participants, it is necessary to facilitate sensitively, but at the same time let the group live its own dynamics as we live them in the real world.

The game does not replace formal education, but it makes it more attractive in times when we need an alternative to face-to-face teaching. With its simplicity and at the same time complexity and attractiveness, it is a sustainable tool for taking an interest in our surroundings. It can be part of civics, ethics or civil law in primary and secondary schools, but it can also be part of other, experiential workshops for young people, community workers or ordinary citizens.

The whole story of this board game is the story of all of us. We all live in a community where we can be dependent on the system and others, we can complain and be frustrated by not solving our problems, or we can proactively show that in a democratic society each of us has the right to become active and seek solutions for the good of our community.