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Instead of flushing the valuable heat of the shower water down the drain, Joulia’s shower channel recovers this energy and easily ensures sustainable showering enjoyment with full comfort.

The reason was that the new technological developments of the last few years could no longer be could no longer be reflected. In addition, the energy laws adopted by the electorate were to be integrated. Generally speaking, it makes sense to review the building standards every every 5 years makes sense. Building takes time, so rapid changes cannot be implemented immediately. We have to find a balance between reliability, planning security and the latest technologies for everyone involved. That is why we have only optimised the Minergie standards selectively since then – and will continue to proceed very cautiously.


Providing a shower concept that is water-saving and cost-effective, yet can be used with comfort – for heat recovery

Target group

Everyone (who as a shower in its house)


The Joulia shower channel is connected directly to the cold water pipe. Thanks to the integrated heat recovery system, the outgoing heat is used to preheat the fresh cold water. This means less hot water is needed at the shower mixer, which saves a lot of energy, CO2 and money.


Extending the heating cycle and reducing the use energy

Unique Selling Point

Can be integrated in many different shower solutions


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