Generators of Sustainable Development

Friends’ days (Draugu dienos)

Unique summer camps for Ukrainian children:

Ukrainian children who had to leave their homes are trying to bring back the joy of the holidays for a short time – this summer, more than one artistic and creative camp is being organized for them . The “Strong Together” initiative contributed to the implementation of this idea by allocating all the necessary funding.


Many children came to Lithuania during the Russia invasion to Ukraine 2020 war. They were cut off from their surroundings, their friends, and they did not take with them and have nothing that seems simple and normal to every child.

Target group

Ukrainian children and their families


Lithuanian people, various generations of the family, volunteer in the organized day camps for Ukrainian children.  


Family volunteering, where several generations of a family get involved and experience the beauty of volunteering

Unique Selling Point

volunteering across generations – generations unite for volunteering


More than 3,500 wheeled gifts for Ukrainian children; hundreds of Ukrainian children, their mothers and grandmothers involved; Lithuanian families involved in volunteering.

Potential 69%