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Learners' Stories

Setting the Scene:

In the heart of the Western City, a vibrant but challenged community sought a new beacon of cohesion and vitality. Here, blinc eG, traditionally known for its work in blended learning and adult education, embarked on an innovative journey. Faced with the challenge of transforming an area fraught with social difficulties – our mission was to weave the fabric of community tighter, fostering connections through the universal language of sport.

Start of the Journey:

Our voyage began not in isolation but in concert with a chorus of European partners, each bringing their own experiences of success in community engagement. Armed with our expertise in networking, non-formal education, and project management, we embarked on this quest. Our first steps were guided by the spirit of collaboration, reaching out through the connections of past projects and the monthly Western City Conference, eventually forming a bond with the Discgolf Club Göttingen e.V. that would prove pivotal.


The cornerstone of our journey was laid through partnerships with major local actors like MUSA, Flause e.V., and the Western City Center, alongside the Discgolf Club Göttingen e.V. A significant leap was made when we secured the necessary equipment from the sports association GoeSF, ensuring our events were not just ideas but tangible experiences waiting to unfold.

On the Way:

Along the way we experienced moments of pure connection; children and adults, drawn by the newfound joy of disc golf, followed our journey from one event to the next. A young, non-German child’s repeated inquiry, “will you be here tomorrow, too?” became a refrain that echoed the project’s potential impact on individual lives.

On Arrival:

As our project drew to a close, the takeaway was clear: there exists a powerful synergy between sports clubs passionate about their disciplines and community organizations dedicated to enhancing life in their locales. This shared motivation is a fertile ground for projects that not only entertain but unite. The feedback from event organizers and participants alike was a chorus of approval, affirming the place of disc golf in the tapestry of community activities.

Reflections and Future Pathways:

This journey, while a chapter in itself, is the beginning of a larger narrative. The lessons learned, about the confluence of sports and community spirit, pave the way for future endeavours. Our next steps, informed by this experience, will involve spreading the word wider through social and traditional media and crafting materials that further the message of community building through sports.

In this story of unity, sport, and community, we’ve not only brought a new activity to the Western City but have sown the seeds for a more connected, vibrant community fabric. As we look forward, the promise of disc golf and similar ventures stands as a beacon of communal harmony, beckoning us to continue the journey.